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Latest News

The ThermoFlex News is a case brief of our latest projects and how the services and solutions we provide are customized to the needs of our clients.

Know What To Look For In An In-Plant Processing Tray Producer


When you’re looking for a partner to develop and refine robotic handling trays, turn to ThermoFlex. We understand close tolerances, the need for a high level of cost effective repeatability, and how to innovate if your current solution stops working. Here’s what you need to consider when looking for an in-plant processing tray producer:

We’re Prototyping For The Future, Now


At Thermoflex our design department is perpetually searching for the best way to go from initial consultation, to prototyping, to final production quickly and economically. We know the best way to do that is with the latest in 3-D prototyping. We use Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Cast Urethane, even fabricated plastic or wood models. Each method has its strengths, and we’ll work with you to choose which method is best for your application. 

Balancing Needs: Vacuum Molding vs. Injection Molding


Cost – Precision – Strength. At ThermoFlex we work with clients to determine the most cost-effective solution that will meet their needs. We are capable of manufacturing returnable packaging, OEM parts, and material handling trays with thermoforming / vacuum molding, injection molding, or even a combination of processes. Wherever your parts are needed, we will work with you to decide which process gives you the right solution. 

Safe Shipping and Handling with the Right Rack and Rack Dunnage


Whatever you need to move safely, Thermoflex can help you find the correct shipping racks and rack dunnage to protect your products. We can help you find what you need from our in-stock catalog of existing solutions, or work with you to design and manufacture customized items. 

Technologies Used in Rapid Production Prototyping


The most common two processes we use at ThermoFlex to make top-quality, durable prototypes are selective laser sintering, and stereolithography. In selective laser sintering, a powerful laser fuses particles to your chosen material and creates the shape of your prototype. With stereolithography, a container of liquid UV curable resin and laser is used to form your prototype piece by piece. Besides these two methods, there is also cast urethane and fabricated wood or plastic models. In this post, we will focus on selective laser sintering and stereolithography. 

Custom Material Handling Solutions From ThermoFlex’s Design Services


When material handling issues are present it’s not often they can be solved by using thermoformed plastic equipment that has already been designed and manufactured – they oftentimes require a custom material handling solution. When you’re transporting parts that are nonstandard you will likely need a custom storage option or OEM component. In these cases you should find a material handling manufacturer that uses design services to create a custom material handling solution for your situation. 

Automotive Dunnage Racks and the Importance of Protecting Your Parts


When you’re regularly storing and transporting parts in your facility, automotive dunnage racks are essential to maintaining their integrity. Ensuring that parts aren’t compromised in transit, are easily relocated and are protected from potential falls or damage caused by impingement, dunnage racks are your parts’ most effective line of protection in the often challenging manufacturing environment. In this post, we’re going to look at how dunnage can save you both time and money by allowing for easy transportation and by preventing waste caused by damage.

Everything You Need to Know About Cast Urethane Prototyping


If cost is a concern, you should consider using ThermoFlex's urethane prototype molds which allow for numerous samples with very little tooling cost. 3D printing is very useful in beginning prototype stages but going straight into ordering tooling to produce parts can be risky. To help curb this risk you should consider urethane molding and casting.

The Many Advantages of Returnable Packaging and Reusable Containers


If you are in the auto industry or other industrial market, you understand the importance of your supply chain. Not only do you need to ship and receive your products and parts quickly and efficiently, but you also need them to arrive safely, securely, and as cost effectively as possible. Are those needs being met with the way you currently ship and receive products and parts?

Get Heavy Gauge Thermoforming’s Durability at Reduced Cost


It is well known in the industry that heavy gauge thermoforming produces rigid, sturdy, and durable products. Heavy gauge thermoforming is also a great way for manufacturers who need a shipping tray or part that is light yet sturdy at a reduced cost. In this post, we will look at heavy gauge thermoforming and the advantages and different uses it has compared to in-line thin gauge thermoforming.