Case Studies of Our Custom Injection Molding

At PolyFlex Products, we want to help make a finished project with our custom injection molding that fits your vision. Whatever materials you need to safely transport, it is our desire to help you reach that goal. With our expertise in dunnage engineering, thermoforming packaging, and injection molding, we have left many clients satisfied with their finished product. To see some of our prior work and learn the thought process behind each, click the links below.

Expendable Packaging:

Free Floating Dunnage: Transmission Pack

PolyFlex® engineered free-floating dunnage inside commercially available collapsible plastic bins for housing and shipping a wide range of finished transmissions to assembly plants all over the globe saving the automotive manufacturer over $17 million during the life of the program.

Returnable Packaging:

Crank Case Tray

PFP produced high precision, pallet-sized returnable trays with accuracies and strength needed for robotic handling by integrating the the economies of vacuum forming with the strength and precision normally associated with more expensive injection molding processes.

Shipping Rack:

Truck Bumper Dunnage

Thermoset urethane vibration dampening boots eliminated the need for two nesting posts and the damaging effects of dislodged bumpers during transit while reducing labor costs for unloading and providing the automotive OEM with $550,000.00 in dunnage savings.