Latest News

Latest News

The ThermoFlex News is a case brief of our latest projects and how the services and solutions we provide are customized to the needs of our clients.

Save Money and Stress with Plastic Thermoforming


When developing different processes for your business, you want to work with the most cost-effective solutions possible, and plastic thermoforming from ThermoFlex is one easy way to help your business save money. The thermoforming products and projects that ThermoFlex comes up with guarantee that your business will get the answers that it is looking all while saving costs while doing so.

Design Services Deliver Custom Thermoform Packaging


At ThermoFlex, we know that the world of thermoform packaging can get overwhelming. That’s why our design team is proud to work with our clients to be able to show them what their product will look like. We make the end design easy to decipher, with all parts showcasing why our design is the best decision for your products.

High-Quality, Low Cost, Returnable Packaging with Thermoflex


At Thermoflex, we specialize in returnable packaging from thermoformed and vacuum molded processes, often combined with injection molded polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber inserts. We are a thriving, growing organization embracing change as a way of challenging each other to grow personally and professionally. Our mission is to be the industry leader in process innovation for returnable packaging, offering flexible custom solutions with optimum value to our clients, resulting in mutual growth and profitability.

Heavy-Gauge Thermoforming Cuts Costs and Simplifies Processes


If you need a way to form plastics into molds or specific shapes, then heavy-gauge thermoforming is the best option for you. As a low-pressure process, heavy-gauge thermoforming uses less intricate tools to form products and doesn’t cost as much. Using a thin sheet of plastic, heavy-gauge thermoforming can make your products in different ways, depending on what you need created. It is through these processes that ThermoFlex designs and crafts your product.

Keep Your Product Safe Again and Again with Returnable Packaging


As you know, tooling and manufacturing can be expensive, so, when shipping your products, returnable packaging is the best way for you to protect them while being able to reuse the packaging they’re sent in. Solid enough to send your products multiple times, returnable packaging from ThermoFlex is the best way to ship manufactured goods that need to be kept safe.

Low-Cost Thermoformed Packaging Solutions


When shipping and handling products that are not as fragile as others, you want a cost-efficient option for thermoformed packaging containers. Our returnable and reusable packaging is a sturdy way to handle important materials, but our in-line thermoforming is the less expensive option to handle less delicate materials you’ve been looking for.

Tackle Your Material Handling Solutions Head On


Thermoflex specializes in custom material handling solutions. Our tried and true process moves efficiently from our design services, to prototyping, to the final manufacturing solution. We work closely with you during every step, making sure we’re effectively developing and producing the best product. If you’re new to our services, let us give you the run down of how we work:

Why We’re Proud to Manufacture OEM Components


ThermoFlex has an extensive catalog of OEM components that we have produced. OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts need to be built to the highest standards, and we’ve been the go to supplier for our customers for many years. Why would an original manufacturer choose us instead of producing the parts themselves? Many reasons, we may have specific machinery and the staffing to produce the needed parts. Why do manufacturers come to us specifically? Usually clients come to us because of our experience and track record. When asked our clients point to: 

Find Solutions To Improve the Function of Your Racks and Rack Dunnage


Racks and rack dunnage technology have grown to meet the needs of the global economy. Manufacturers are shipping parts farther than ever before, and are always looking to save money on costs. That’s were we come in. Our business model is made for mutual benefit – when you save money with our products, we have mutual growth and profitability. Some of the factors to consider include:

Know What To Look For In An In-Plant Processing Tray Producer


When you’re looking for a partner to develop and refine robotic handling trays, turn to ThermoFlex. We understand close tolerances, the need for a high level of cost effective repeatability, and how to innovate if your current solution stops working. Here’s what you need to consider when looking for an in-plant processing tray producer: