Affordable, High-Precision, Pallet-Sized Trays for Robotic Handling


Applications that utilize robotic handling require absolute precision and, typically, vacuum formed trays don’t offer the level of accuracy required for use in such applications. ThermoFlex, however, has developed the means to produce extremely cost-effective vacuum formed trays that are perfectly suited for robotic handling. As a result, manufacturers and facilities are able to preserve profit margins and reduce lead times.

The most important element of ThermoFlex’s novel production method lies in the vacuum forming process itself. Requiring constant attention and adjustment, our high-precision vacuum formed trays must be carefully monitored during the production process. Temperatures, cycle times and pressures are only a handful of the variables that must be meticulously balanced to produce a product that is suitable for robotic handling. If even one variable is ignored, the trays may be irregular: inconsistently sized, weak or flexible.

By ensuring that the process proceeds as planned, the team at ThermoFlex is able to achieve a difficult, Herculean task: we are able to create reliable, inexpensive pallet-sized trays that integrate seamlessly into applications that are assisted by robotic handling. As a result, our customers are able to reduce their overall operating costs, limit the headaches associated with sourcing replacement trays and deliver their company’s products on time and undamaged.

At ThermoFlex, we have always attempted to rise to the challenges presented to us by our customers. Serving the automotive and industrial markets, we understood the need for a cost-effective alternative to expensive robotic handling trays. By applying our deep knowledge of the vacuum forming process, we were able to develop a method that meets – and exceeds – our customers’ expectations. So, if you’re looking to reduce costs and streamline your operation, reach out to us today to discuss the benefits of our high-precision, pallet-sized trays and plastic thermoforming.