Balancing Needs: Vacuum Molding vs. Injection Molding


Cost – Precision – Strength. At ThermoFlex we work with clients to determine the most cost-effective solution that will meet their needs. We are capable of manufacturing returnable packaging, OEM parts, and material handling trays with thermoforming / vacuum molding, injection molding, or even a combination of processes. Wherever your parts are needed, we will work with you to decide which process gives you the right solution.

Vacuum Thermoforming – Heavy & Thin

ThermoFlex manufactures heavy-gauge thermoforming / vacuum molding for many of our clients. This is a cost-effective method for returnable packaging, especially with sizes over 20” x 30” and annual runs less than 3000. Moving quickly through to the prototype, clients appreciate the speed and efficiency. We also have in-line thermoforming; when extreme strength is less of an issue, and you ‘d like to keep your costs down, ThermoFlex in-line thermoforming is a viable solution.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is the right solution if you are looking at high volumes or a complex design. Although the process from die to final product takes a bit longer, the results are more detailed. When you need a finer product, and are planning on needing more than 3000 annually, injection molding is the right solution. We can keep your injection molding costs down with our innovative prototyping process as well.

Our clients come to ThermoFlex for custom solutions. We look at all of your variables, from price to circumstances of use, and frequently combine these methods. Solutions may involve thermoformed and vacuum molded processes, with injection molded polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber inserts. Our engineers are capable of designing the correct combination that saves money, cuts down on waste, and gets the job done. By examining your needs closely, we’ll work with you to determine the best product at the lowest cost.