Better OEM Components with ThermoFlex


At ThermoFlex, we produce a wide range of OEM components that can both increase the quality of your finished products and reduce your overall costs of production. With proven market experience in the utility vehicle, automotive aftermarket parts, medical, mass transit, transportation, electronic, industrial and marine industries, we can exceed your expectations, regardless of your application. Today, we’d like to take a closer look at some of the benefits that ThermoFlex offers when it comes to OEM components.


ThermoFlex has the ability to turn your basic concept into a full-fledged prototype. From heavy gauge thermoforming to injection molding, we can adapt our processes to suit your application. Whether you need high-precision molding or the added strength of thermoforming, our resources are at your disposal and our experienced staff will adapt to meet – or exceed – your requirements.


With our experience producing parts for end products that range from lawn mowers and four-wheel ATVs to outdoor televisions and utility vehicles, we can mold a component that is fully-customized to your needs. We will work with you to create a part that offers the highest functionality and the lowest cost possible.


Regardless of the application, aesthetically pleasing parts are useless if they don’t offer the functionality that their application requires. At ThermoFlex, we look to maximize functionality without sacrificing your part’s outward appearance. In this way, we can help you by creating components that are functionally superior while simultaneously preserving the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your end product.

Here at ThermoFlex, we’ve produced OEM parts for countless manufacturers and have developed the experience and knowhow necessary to see projects through to the end. If you’re looking for a valuable, trusted partner that can deliver high quality OEM parts on time, every time, give us call and let’s work together.