Design Services Deliver Custom Thermoform Packaging


At ThermoFlex, we know that the world of thermoform packaging can get overwhelming. That’s why our design team is proud to work with our clients to be able to show them what their product will look like. We make the end design easy to decipher, with all parts showcasing why our design is the best decision for your products.

Communication makes it easy

We love to talk and work with our clients to deliver quality solutions to their products. In doing so, we get a clearer picture of what your vision is, and how it aligns with our capabilities. We then take that molding of ideas and develop a clear project scope to work from. Once we’ve established a set of design criteria, then we can provide a concept and proposal to you.

3D modeling paints the picture

Once our design team has the concept and proposal done, we then create a 3D model in the latest 3D modeling software to provide the visual concept directly to you. Using SolidWorks, 3D Modeling, and eDrawings, ThermoFlex provides you with everything you need to be able to see how your packaging looks, and how your product will fit into it and be protected by it.

Bringing your designs to life

Once the designs are done and you are satisfied with how everything looks, we then take the process to prototyping and manufacturing. With our final designs, we create workable prototypes out of cheaper material to test and make sure everything is in working order. Then, once the design is finished and tested, we manufacture your perfected design.

ThermoFlex is the company you need for the custom design and manufacture of plastic, urethane, and rubber solutions for safe and secure shipping. Our custom designs have produced working solutions for material handling in the auto and industrial markets, so you know when you work with ThermoFlex, you’re working with a company you can trust.