The Importance of Plastic Wash Baskets in the Automotive Industry


The automotive industry is being made more efficient by using ThermoFlex’s containers, dunnage, baskets and packaging. From urethane nesting pallets that position materials properly so that the automation equipment can easily place the part in the next machining operation to plastic thermoforming that ensures your products will not be damages during the shipping process, our products create a solution to common problems effectively and efficiently. In this post, we are going to talk about recent success achieved by a major American automotive manufacturer with the help of ThermoFlex.

The manufacturer was dissatisfied with the system they using to wash their gearing and transmission components. The heavy, perforated stainless steel containers they were using during the cleaning process were damaging parts. The container failed to prevent gears from tilting and crashing into each other.

To help solve this problem, ThermoFlex designed a custom, injection-molded tray from a blend of polyolefin. The polyolefin blend is extremely durable and strong which gave the trays armor against harsh cleaning chemicals, high temperatures, and abrasion that happens during the cleaning process. The trays were fabricated in two colors which allowed for easy separation and identification.

The new trays have allowed the automotive manufacturer to enhance its parts washing cycle. Workers have overwhelmingly praised the new wash baskets for being lighter and much more ergonomically designed. Transmission and other components are now being cleaned and processed with more precision at a much faster rate.

At ThermoFlex, we specialize in the custom design and manufacture of rubber, urethane, and thermorformed plastic packaging. Our major goal is to provide solutions for our customers. We have the experience, motivation, and skill necessary to ensure your processes are totally efficient and secure. Please contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. We may even be able to help you solve problems you didn’t even know you had!