Increase Production with Quality Thermoform Plastic


Getting toward the holiday season, some industries need to increase their production in order to stay on top of demand, and ThermoFlex can help with packaging for this demand with thermoform plastic. Deals on cars and other big industries get pushed more and more with Christmas approaching, and by working with ThermoFlex, you can guarantee that your parts being shipped are kept safe and secure.

Keep parts nested

When you’re in a business like car manufacturing, many processes for making your products are done on a line where you need parts kept secure for robotic interaction. The thermoform plastic from ThermoFlex makes sure that all your parts are held in place through an entire assembly so that the end-product turns out perfect every time. Through the combination of vacuum forming and injection molding, your in-plant processing trays will hold your parts with ease.

Save costs this season

When using our thermoform plastic, you not only get efficiency, but you also save yourself on costs. With great durability, our molds can be used again and again this holiday season, saving you money on your shipping costs. By using our plastics, your finished trays with your products can also weigh less, meaning you can continue to cut expenses even while increasing production.

Our vision helps you ship

By specializing in custom design and manufacture of thermoform plastic parts and material handling trays, ThermoFlex can help you design a product that meets all your needs for keeping parts safe. Our team of professional designers and manufacturers can create a 3D model and create a prototype to test and make sure that you get the best product possible for your shipping. From truck bumper dunnage to trays for gear components, we can craft what you need this holiday season.

ThermoFlex gives your business the custom design and manufacture of plastic, urethane, and rubber that it needs for all your shipping and material handling. Focused on safety and security of products during transit, you can depend on ThermoFlex to find the answers for you.