In-Line Thermoforming for Quick, Cost-Efficient Packaging


When you’re facing downtime due to package sourcing issues, there’s no better solution than in-line thermoformed packaging. Due to the ability to create thin-walled disposable trays from roll-fed plastic, in-line thermoforming is fast, efficient and – more importantly – cost-effective.

Despite the short time frame for production, in-line thermoforming offers a substantial level of protection. And, while it may have reduced precision and sturdiness, it does ensure that your products are protected during shipping and transport. As a result, in-line thermoformed packaging offers a valuable solution to a common problem: shutdowns and prolonged downtime. In-line thermoforming can afford you a temporary solution to these issues or, if desired, a long-term solution that will keep your production line moving.

A key factor in being successful with in-line thermoformed trays is identifying your needs. For long-term use, it may be best to consider using cast urethane, injection molding or heavy-gauge thermoforming, as these materials and processes result in enhanced durability and will withstand repeated use. However, for short-term answers to immediate problems, in-line thermoformed packaging offers an ideal combination of durability, immediacy and affordability.

At ThermoFlex, we aim to provide the highest quality custom designed packaging solutions, from rack dunnage to in-plant processing trays. Utilizing a range of materials – such as plastic, urethane and rubber – we are able to address the ever-changing needs of a number of industries. Need a lasting, reliable way to transport your products? Or a swift replacement for broken trays? How about a custom, returnable container? We have the experience, equipment and capability to deliver what you need. If you’ve been searching for a way to keep your plant operating efficiently, contact us today to learn how packaging from ThermoFlex can help.