Tackle Your Material Handling Solutions Head On


Thermoflex specializes in custom material handling solutions. Our tried and true process moves efficiently from our design services, to prototyping, to the final manufacturing solution. We work closely with you during every step, making sure we’re effectively developing and producing the best product. If you’re new to our services, let us give you the run down of how we work:

Custom Design Services. While we’re developing the initieal designs for your product, we have several methods for visualizing the final solution even before it goes to the prototyping stage. We use AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SD Modeling, and eDrawing so that all stakeholders can see the product from all angles.

Prototyping To Check The Design. Once you’ve signed off on the design, we’ll move into the prototyping phase of the project. Prototyping puts a early version of the final product – everything from rack in-plant processing trays to rack dunnage – so that you can physically spend some time with the product. We use stereolithography, selective laser sintering, cast urethane, and fabricated plastic or wood models to build prototypes for this stage. If you find that we need to make adjustments, these models help us see exactly how new designs will look and feel. When we’ve got the details worked out, it’s time for manufacturing.

Efficient Manufacturing. When the prototype is complete, it’s time to move into manufacturing. Choosing the right materials will be essential for overall durability. We routinely work with HPDPE, HMWPE, ABS, HIPS, polypropylene, polycarbonates, urethanes, and most recyclable thermoformable plastics. From thermoforming and vacuum molding, to injection molding and many more processes, you’ll see the results, and your product will now be completed and ready for use.

This process has been serving our customers well for many years. We’re confident that we can find a solution to your needs. Contact ThermoFlex to start designs on your next project.