Why We’re Proud to Manufacture OEM Components


ThermoFlex has an extensive catalog of OEM components that we have produced. OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, parts need to be built to the highest standards, and we’ve been the go to supplier for our customers for many years. Why would an original manufacturer choose us instead of producing the parts themselves? Many reasons, we may have specific machinery and the staffing to produce the needed parts. Why do manufacturers come to us specifically? Usually clients come to us because of our experience and track record. When asked our clients point to:

Adaptability Along The Way. While we’re in the process of moving from concept through to prototype, we have different machinery to quickly make prototypes that can be adjusted. For production we have heavy gauge thermoforming, vacuum molding, and injection molding. Our team is flexible enough to change up processes along the way to make sure your OEM product is up to standard.

Get Custom Work. Our experience means that we can take what we’ve learned working in an array of industries and condense that knowledge for you. The reason we have such an extensive catalogue of previous projects is because clients return to us again and again for customized solutions.

All About Function. All of our processes are to achieve the best possible outcomes for function. Innovators all, our designers will work with your designs until the best combination of materials and processing come together to deliver a top functioning product.

We have developed and produced products for utility vehicles, bus and mass transit, marine, industrial, electronics, lawn and garden, and recreation manufacturers. We’ve created components as diverse as UTV door components and outdoor TV components. Whatever your project, we’re ready to sit down with your team to produce the best OEM parts, give us a call to discuss your project today.