From Concept to Prototype Fast

Worm Gear TrayThermoFlex develops rapid prototypes from a wide range of processes and materials. Once our concept is approved, clients may choose to have a prototype produced as a means of checking fit and function of the final product.

Our prototype processes include:

  • SLA (Stereolithography)
  • SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)
  • Cast Urethane
  • Fabricated plastic or wood models

Rapid Prototypes
SLS and SLA technology, in essence a 3-D printer using powder (SLS) or liquid (SLA) plastic, produces rapid prototype samples. This technology takes our solid model concept and converts the electronic drawing to a plastic part sample within hours.

Cast Urethane
Best for Sampling Material Hardness
We make some prototypes of cast urethane which allows a wide range of material hardness to be sampled. Urethane prototype molds lets ThermoFlex produce numerous samples with very little tooling cost.

Fabricated Models
Fine Tuning a Prototype
ThermoFlex engineers creates a wood pattern of the tray concept to run samples when they expect to make multiple adjustments to the prototype. The wood pattern allows the engineers to easily and economically adjust the pattern during this early phase to verify outcomes of the sampling.

Tooling Wood PatternWorm Gear Tray
Tooling Wood PatternWorm Gear Tray